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Nominations are closed for the 2024 season

Christian or Gospel categories only.  Holy Hip Hop, Singers, Praise Dancers, Mimes, Spoken word Artists  Promoters, Labels, Radio Shows, Producers, Musicians, Song Writers, Choirs, Quartet groups, Praise & Worship, Pastors, Podcast, Blog, Church ministry, Awards Show, etc.

Click on the application image to the right and you will be redirected to the entry form page.


When submitting a nomination, please answer all the required questions on the form.

Be ready to provide the following in order to be considered as a nominee:

  1. Professional Promo Picture (Polaroid, Pics taken with an  iPhone or Androids will not be accepted).

  2. MP3 of your most current single  (preferably one released between June 1, 2023 and December 31, 2024).

  3. Have a current and updated professional artist website or social media site where we can review your work as a performer, appearances, videos, live shows, etc.

  4. Must have a FACEBOOK account, as 95% of the updates and activities pertaining to this platform is performed via this social media site.

  5. Be ready to mail a hard copy of your most current CD project that is packaged ready for sale (we judge your project on cover creativity, professional reproduction and duplication, packaging appeal, and correct bar coding).

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