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About the

The "MUSIC LOVE AWARDS" is an annual event honoring those in the performing arts who are rarely recognized in any of the major awards platforms.

We realize that indie artists, groups, mimes, poets, praise dancers, actors, actresses, singers, Christian hip hop (rap) artists, internet radio DJs, MC's, promoters, recording studios,etc who are not attached to major labels or do not have major representation and/or distribution deals hardly get the recognition they deserve, even though they are just as talented, professional, hard working, dynamic, and prepared as the best of the best in their perspective fields within the industry!


Anjelica Records does not seek to profit from this event. It is our sole desire to do 3 things:

In order to accomplish all three goals, we will seek the support of sponsors, community leaders, corporations, small businesses, volunteers, donators, entrepreneurs, investors, friends and family.

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